At Capital Asset Properties, we recognize the importance of acquiring historic sites, particularly in more urban areas, and working to preserve them. In another blog, we’ll address the benefits of doing so, but we’d first like to address why helping to preserve these sites is so important. Historic sites are vital to our understanding of the past and an effort should be made to do our best to keep them around. Whether they’re restored to as close to their original condition as possible or reused for a different purpose that benefits the community, investing in and preserving these sites benefits all of us.

Historic features are maintained

When a historic building is preserved, its features that are a hallmark of the time it was built are maintained. Architecture styles and errors are saved, making it possible to look back on them and see how far we’ve come or study the work someone did centuries ago. If we forget about our past, it can be easy to forget important lessons and people.

They become educational sites

Depending on how the site is preserved and what it’s used for, it may become an educational site. Local schools can take field trips there and it gives students and residents a glimpse into the past and helps them gain a greater understanding of history. Maintaining historic buildings means that we do not lose site of the past and continue to learn from it.

Makes use of space

Oftentimes, historic buildings end up becoming locations for a new use. Businesses may go in there, they could be used to hold classes, or could even become someone’s residence. Many historic inns now function as restaurants and bed and breakfasts. Instead of allowing these buildings to sit empty and deteriorate, new life can be given to them and they can house newer organizations.

Reminder of city culture

No matter where you go, older buildings are an intrinsic part of that places culture. You can see what was happening in the town decades, even centuries, earlier. Residents may fondly reminder certain locations and think about what the building was used for when they were younger. Maintaining historic sites helps a city stay in touch with their own history and culture.

Items can be valuable

While historic sites themselves have intrinsic value, there may also be aspects of the building that prove to be valuable. Sometimes, a building will be slated to be demolished, but then someone discovers that there are rare pieces of architecture in the building itself, such as a stained glass window, high quality wood beams, or another kind of feature.